Frequently Asked Questions

We at Syscone Technologies believe that strong customer service is an essential ingredient to
having completely satisfied customers. Providing answers to your questions in a
timely fashion is a very important part of meeting this objective. Below is a
list of frequently asked questions and we hope that one of these questions
addresses your concern and provides you with the answers that you need. However,
if you cannot find the answer to your concern here please sign up to our Support Center and ask us your
question directly. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Table of Contents

General Questions about Syscone Technologies and its products

General Questions about Syscone Technologies and its products


Q: How do I contact Syscone Technologies with a question?

A: If your question does not appear on the FAQ page, please visit our Customer Service Support Centrer
and ask your question there.


Q: Where can I buy Syscone Technologies products?

A: Please check our international list of distributors, which you will find on the
Web at: www.syscone.com/distributors


Q: Are Syscone Technologies products available directly from the manufacturer?

A:Our products are available only through authorized distributors and
retailers, not directly.


Q: How can I find a local Syscone Technologies dealer?

A: Please check the “dealers” section of the web site to find the Syscone Technologies Distributor in your
country, which can provide you with a local dealer.


Q: Are Syscone Technologies products available online or by mail order?

A:Buying Syscone Technologies products from an authorized Syscone Technologies Dealer ensures that
you get the full value from your investment. Only an Authorized Syscone Technologies Dealer can
guarantee that you are buying the right Syscone Technologies equipment.

If you live in a city or town that does not have an Authorized Syscone Technologies Dealer,
use our Dealer Locator to find the dealer closest to you, or call the Syscone Technologies Distributor in your
country for advice on Authorized Online Syscone Technologies Dealer. We will connect you with a
dealer that can best serve your needs.

Be aware that Unauthorized sellers often sell open box demonstration products
or refurbished units as “new” to unsuspecting customers. Or worse, unscrupulous
merchants strip off or replace serial numbers of “gray market” or even stolen
goods to hide their true origin. These goods are not covered by any
manufacturer’s warranty. You are on your own with these orphaned products.


Q: Why don’t you provide prices for Syscone Technologies products on the web site?

A: As Syscone.com is an international site, it is simply not practical
for us to post and keep track of prices for the 60 countries in which our
equipment is currently sold. In some parts of the world, it is actually illegal
to post suggested prices.


Q: Can a product bought in one country be serviced under warranty in

A: Syscone Technologies, like other consumer electronics companies, does not have an
International Warranty. Central to this is the need to have specific warranties
that apply to each country’s consumer laws, and also the need to create
geographical service centers that give complete coverage of every country. In
order to do this efficiently, each distributor is responsible for providing
warranty. The cost of warranty is borne by the distributor and therefore the
margin to do any service lies with the country that sells the product.


Q: Is warranty transferable from person to person?

A: No, warranty is not transferable from person to person. You will therefore
not have any warranty on a unit purchased from another private party, say for
example, on eBay.


Q: Is it okay to leave my Syscone Technologies units in Standby?

A: It is fine to leave your units in standby for a short period of time.
However, should you be going away for an extended period of time, they should be
powered off.