USB-HDCAM camera, Low noise, Low light conditions


USB camera

The high sensitivity “USB-CAM480” camera is dedicated for the Robotic Vision application such as “Open CV”, using a high performance CMOS Sensor(low noise in normal and low light conditions), 640 x 480 pixels resolution, automatic white balance and gain control. The low noise feature is specially required for Objects/Face recognition, in low light the noise(grain) will strongly interfere with the actual image causing errors or misinterpretations.

Not in production yet! Coming soon…



The USB Camera is great for Robotic Vision applications/projects where it require a High Quality image, Automatic control and a Higher integration/compatibility with the current Operating Systems(no need to install drivers – UVC standard). The USB-CAM480 measures just 1.1? x 1?, it incorporates a Color CMOS sensor 1/4″ diagonal(most of the cameras/webcams have a much smaller sensor, resulting in a noisy/grainy picture), Full automatic control, and it can be used also as a Webcam, Camera(pictures) or Video capture.



  • Standard resolution: 640×480 pixels
  • Sensor type: Color CMOS 1/4″
  • Low-light gain technique, strong low-light compensation
  • High sensitivity for low-light operation
  • Flicker (50/60 Hz) auto detection
  • automatic exposure control (AEC)
  • automatic gain control (AGC)
  • automatic white balance (AWB)
  • PCB size: 1.1″ x 1″ (28mm x 25mm)
  • USB standard: USB 2.0 (full speed)
  • Power supply: USB powerd(No external power required)

The USB cameras’s drivers make it look like a standard UVC(USB video class) to the operating system, allowing you to connect to all of your existing software, such as video interface programs(Open CV), through a USB port.


Supported Operating Systems

USB video class support for Linux is provided by the Linux UVC driver.
Since Linux 2.6.26 the driver is included in kernel source distribution.

Apple Mac OS X
Mac OS X ships with a UVC driver included since version 10.4.3, updated in
10.4.9 to work with iChat.

Not implemented yet, there are patches available which make Linux kernel USB
mediadrivers work in userspace by using an asynchronous USB interface. It's the
first OS allowing to have an entire highspeed USB driver in userland.

NetBSD added the uvideo driver for UVC devices in September, 2008; added in the
5.0 release.

OpenBSD added the uvideo driver for UVC devices in April, 2008; it appears in
the 4.4 release.

Sony PlayStation 3
The PlayStation 3 added support for UVC compatible webcams in firmware version
1.54 (only works for video chat, not games.)

Sun Solaris
Solaris includes support for UVC webcams in the form of the usbvc driver for
OpenSolaris. The driver ships with Solaris Express build 56 and later.

Microsoft Windows
Windows XP has a class driver for USB video class devices since Service Pack 2,
as does Windows Vista and Windows 7. A post-service pack 2 update that adds more
capabilities is also available.



USB-CAM480 Camera

USB Camera Board

Regular USB Camera in low-light



No downloads/drivers need it.
(standard UVC drivers will be used)