BeBionic teases advanced bionic hand, Terminator 5 now has a prop supplier

It won’t officially launch until May, but we’re already guessing that the folks over at DaVinci are casting quizzical glances towards BeBionic. The UK-based outfit is teasing what it calls the “next generation of fully articulated myo-electric hands,” which are said to provide “a range of naturally compliant grip patterns that provide repeatable accuracy” to those who have lost their own hand(s). Better still, the functions (speed, grip force, grip patterns, etc.) can be customized to suit each individual user, and the integrated wireless chip means that said tweaking can take place sans any troubling USB cables. The company’s also planning to reveal the planet’s first powered wrist with rotation capabilities as well as flexion / extension, and the range just wouldn’t be complete without silicone skin available in 19 tones. Hop on past the break for a couple of promo videos — we get the feeling the world of prosthetics is about to take a huge leap forward.