Competitive pricing and innovation were the principles upon which the company was founded. Syscone Technologies retains these core values and follows a policy of continual improvement and investment in the technologies destined for all types of applications.

We are often asked, What makes you different from other companies?

It ís a question we enjoy answering because it ís both a source of pride and a fairly simple response: Our engineers. It used to be assumed in the industry that an importer had a staff of engineers to provide applications expertise to their customers. That’s not always the case anymore, and there are good reasons.

It’s expensive. It takes commitment. It takes a long term strategy. It takes deep resources. We prefer to nurture and develop own staff to offer exemplary value for our customers. To deepen our base of intellectual knowledge. To differentiate ourselves from other fine distributors in the country.

Our engineering team has a combined experience in advanced manufacturing technology and its application to a wide range of processes and parts. We are so much more than order takers here at Syscone Technologies. Our approach is thoughtful, intelligent, and results-oriented. We listen to you. We understand that your bottom-line basic need is to produce your parts profitably.

Syscone Technologies is located in Chicago, USA, our products are available from hundreds of distributors around the world.